From my Diary: Vaccination / Resistance

07/12/09: Swine Flu Vaccination / Resistance to Bugs

I had my swine flu jag just before lunch, it wasn't too bad. The nurses at the practice are really nice and there were two there, one who gave me the vaccination for seasonal flu last week, so I am all inoculated against a various assortment of flus! My arm is pretty darn sore, for some reason it's worse than the seasonal one even though the nurse said the needle is smaller. I always assumed the needle damage to your muscle was what cause the ache, I'm not entirely sure why it hurts more I think it's a reaction to the bacteria they inject. Anyway it's minimal so no complaints and swine flu doesn't sound very nice.

I've had my vaccinations and a recent stomach bug and apparently your body retains this immunity to the vomit bug for 13weeks, therefore I'm hoping to stay clear of tummy bugs and flus over Christmas. I'm looking forward to just vegging out a bit tonight as I have an excuse to take it easy while my body is busy doing what it has to do with the inoculation. Although a bit of sorting may be helpful!

I’m struggling to be productive, I need some inspiration or some pressure. I'm really easily distracted and keep looking for more interesting things to do which are more of a creative outlet. I think I need something creative to work on always, that's probably why I have three blogs!


[Wow 3 blogs, what was I thinking! One is more than enough, but it’s still so easy for me to get distracted and look for something more creative to do]

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