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This week I’ve been aware of people that I pass as I make my way through the world, moments shared with strangers and glimpses and insights into their world. Often when I examine other people I’m really examining my self, my own beliefs and morals. I try not to judge others, it’s something I’ve been working on. Below is one of the issues I’ve been thinking about this week, captured.

A train journey, I sit at a table with two well off ladies, the lady to my left is doing her 9 year old son’s homework, a piece about one of her favourite places, Venice. The lady across from her is not British, she is confused, when are you going to Venice she asks. “Oh, I’m not going to Venice, it’s an assignment my son had to do for school, just giving him a head start – you know how it is.”


I wonder what drives this, is it her own motivation for her son to do well, does her son have too much homework and can’t keep up, is this what parents do these days, particularly at private school? I think about what message this send to the child – perhaps a strong supportive mother, or an easy way out. Is is what his friends mothers’ do? It raises a lot of questions for me, it was an interesting point to mull over.

What have you been wondering about this week?

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  1. What an interesting post and picture!

  2. very really makes you wonder. i have been wondering about illnesses lately.


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