On Weddings

At this point in my life I’m probably the most disillusioned about wedding I will ever be, I’ve been to enough of the same old weddings, characterless hotel, unmemorable food, white puffy dresses and same old ceilidh and disco mix, they’ve all started to merge into one.

When I was younger I never dreamt of the big white wedding, it wasn’t until all my friends started getting engaged that I thought I would like it to be me, which is where my main concern lies, so often I find it difficult to distinguish between what I really want in my heart and what the ‘normal’ thing to do is.

Nevertheless I went through a phase, a year or so, imagining a huge dress – bigger than all my friends, a cute church and a great ceilidh complete with the whole bagpipes thing and band. Each wedding I attended I would take mental notes, the Queen Tribute band was so much fun, the cheese later in the night was a great idea etc etc.

Then once my friends has all past their first and second anniversaries I started to question again what it is I wanted. With a bit more experience and 7 years in a relationship I was starting to see what I really did want in the future, not a wedding day, but a marriage.

The wedding day signifies the beginning of a marriage and it’s a chance to celebrate with the people closest to you, that you both like. I don’t want it to be stressful, it doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to comply with anyone else’s expectations.

Everyone wants different things and the traditional church and reception is the dream wedding for some people, just not for me. There are some things that I’m sure I do want, a fabulous dress (although not necessarily a made to measure wedding gown), great food and a good photographer.

Things I won’t be having are lots of people we hardly know, lots of waiting around, a year or two stressing about details, a generic hotel and a huge loan.

These are the thoughts of a twenty something girl, after 7 years and two mortgages with Mr Right. My opinions have changed in the past and I’m sure they will adapt in the future. My friends are convinced I’m going to become Bride-zilla as soon as I get engaged, only time will tell, but I hope I will be able to focus on the marriage rather than just the wedding.

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