From my Diary: Bonfire night / Knitting / Breakfast in Bed

10/11/09: Bonfire Night / Knitting / Breakfast in Bed

“I'm looking up knitting patterns at the moment for my knitting club this evening. I'm really looking forward to it, there's new people to meet there; some of them are friendly, some of them are annoying and some of them are just rude. Maybe I will like more of them as time goes on. My flatmate’s girlfriend goes, she is really nice and the lady who runs the club is so much fun. I should try to be less judgemental with the others, I will see how that goes! Last week was difficult to get back into it but I'm getting there and I enjoyed it. I've found some fun projects online including a Christmas tree decoration which I will try to make for my sister. I also want to try some flowers but I will need to ask the rude ladies to show me how!

I'm not going to see my boy much this evening with rushing for dinner then knitting, I miss spending my evenings with him, he is the best company. We are going on holiday on Saturday though and I cannot wait! It'll be great to spend the whole time with him. My kooky friend gave me a great idea of getting breakfast in bed - just order some room service damn it and eat your breakfast in bed - luxury!

We had a great time at our friends for bonfire night, I was the driver again, I'm trying not to drink too much at the moment, it was all getting too much what with work trips and going out so I'm cutting back. I did have some mulled wine and a mince pie at a private sale though recently which got me in the Christmas spirit!”

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