The Start of a Quilt

If we were meeting for coffee today, I’d be glad to have a moment to sit and chat and forget about my to do list. I often stop in for coffee on the way home in the evenings, it’s especially a sanctuary when there’s heaps of dishes to be done in the house!

I think we underestimate the good sitting and chatting does for us, getting something off our chest and venting some of our frustrations. Sometimes just putting your issues into words makes them sound a whole lot less like issues and more like petty complaints.

This past weekend was bliss, I hardly left the house, partly due to the incessant rain. Sometimes I love being stuck inside, it’s a similar relief to being snowed in and not having to go anywhere and worry about what time it is. I actually managed to get my sewing machine out and start a quilt which I’ve been long trying to do. It’s the first time I’ve tried this, the patchwork element of quilting goes against my nature – it’s all measurements, straight lines and precise cutting, I’m much more looking forward to the free hand quilting itself.

These are the straightest, most precise strips of fabric I have ever cut:


I really hope I have the patience to continue to take care over each step, cutting all the strips has taken me hours and sewing in a straight line has required a lot of concentration. There’s lots more measuring and cutting still to do still. Even though it’s not in my nature to be so careful and precise I understand why it’s so popular to relax, it’s almost impossible to think about any other issues while you’re so focussed.

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  1. ooooh, what lovely colours!! can't wait to see what you create...
    thanks for coffee :)

  2. I've always been intrigued by quilting and put off by the precision necessary to do it, it's so not in my nature!! Thanks for coffee.

  3. Myboysterouslife17 May 2011 at 19:00

    Look at all that pretty fabric! I am impressed :D Thanks for coffee.

  4. Thanks Claire, most of the materials were given to me by a friend in Texas, they are lovely colours. Hopefully I'll continue with the momentum of cutting and sewing without getting too distracted!

  5. Hi Moomser, me too, but I do enjoy sewing and my friend in Texas was so enthusiastic and gave me the material that I'm compelled to go through the whole process - I just hope I can do a reasonable job!

  6. Thanks! So far I'm impressed at my concentration for cutting and sewing, I'm not sure if I'll be impressed by the time I finish but hopefully it will turn out well.


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