From my Diary: Friday 13th / Packing / Holidays

13/11/09: Friday 13th / Packing / Do I Need a Holiday?

“Today is Friday the 13th, I'm not really weirded out by this date, I used to have a sort of weird anticipation that something bad might happen on Friday the 13th, but anything can happen any day. One Friday 13th, a guy I liked was asked out by a girl he worked with and he said yes, I didn't know and finally after months of flirting with each other, the next day 14th Feb I asked him out too, he had already said yes to the first girl though! But he was so sweet about it and continued to give me free drinks at the bar he worked in.

At the time I said it was Friday 13th bad luck, then I started seeing my boy quite a lot at a pub we used to go to and I liked him, eventually on the night out for my birthday he asked me out. So actually the Friday 13th wasn't bad luck at all, if my friend who worked in the bar, who was kind of cute but not that interesting had said yes, I might never have got together with my boy. What's meant for you won't go by you (That's what Gran says). They say Friday 13th is unlucky for some and of course that's true but so is any other date!

Tomorrow we are going on a short city break - the holiday is finally here! I'm going to pack this evening, I want to take lots of nice clothes, lots of dresses and skirts and thick tights.

I'm looking forward to a week off work but I don't feel like I really need one. This is quite a novel feeling and it makes me think that I actually do quite like my job. I used to really need a holiday, at my first full-time job it was probably because I associated my job with being away from my boy, at my previous job I just didn't really like the job or the boss! Now I don't find work stressful and I get on well with the people I work with so I'm not desperate to get some time off, also I get to see my boy almost everyday. I'm looking forward to spending the whole week with him though.”

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