This Mad Season

If we were meeting for coffee today I’d be somewhat selfish and unload a lot of my recent stress on you, well that’s what friends are for – to support you and tell you everything will be fine and hopefully to cheer you up too, right?

I mostly had a lovely relaxing weekend, not doing much – a few loads of washing, some clearing and sorting and plenty of sitting in the garden. I’m planning a large youth camp with a friends for next summer so we went to check out a location which is perfect.

Sit in the garden and relax!

The stress started when I was on the way back, my Grampa’s in hospital with a few minor things but he’s on the mend, it’s nothing surprising but my Gran has to deal with a lot, but my family near home are able to deal with everything. I got back home to blood and glass on the kitchen floor and a message to meet my boy at A&E (or ER for my American coffee friends), while washing the dishes a glass dropped from the drying rack, smashed and as it fell to the floor, he caught it, slicing his hand rather impressively open.

So an evening in A&E, lots of injections, poking around and cleaning it out followed by some stitching with blue thread and then home via the fish and chip shop! Sometimes there’s nothing like hot, steamy fish and chips for comfort.

Our Sunday night was then rounded off by a phone call from a different A&E department after my uncle had a heart attack, even though he’s still pretty young, doesn’t smoke, does plenty of exercise and doesn’t have any history of anything like this in the family. It’s kind of a sobering thought really.

Thankfully everything seems to be settling down now and stabilising and healing, but it’s been a bit of a crazy few days. I was at the point of saying what’s going to go wrong next yesterday whilst on the phone and glanced out the window to see a flat tyre! Not much in the grand scale of things but just another thing to be sorted out.

So I’m hoping that you had a better Sunday night that I did and that the week has a whole lot of good news for us all!

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  1. Oh my-- that's quite a bit of hospital activity in your family for one week. I do hope that everyone is on the mend now. I love your flower photo-- glad you got to enjoy some time in the garden. Thanks for sharing-- I hoped it helped to vent and relieve some of the stress. Wishing you and your family smoother week ahead!

  2. oh my indeed! i hope everyone's improving...
    things all seem to happen at once, don't they?
    thank goodness for virtual coffee and a chance to share...

  3. Oh wow! I think you need something stronger than coffee after all that. Glad everyone is ok. And fish and chips always makes life a little better...YUM!

  4. Thanks for your comment. I agree, something stronger than coffee would probably be good! Everything seems to be settling down now, although I had to take the cat to the vet this morning with a cut paw - due some good luck here for sure! Hope you have a great week.

  5. Hi Claire,
    Sometimes everything does seem to happen at once, as well as a boy with a cut hand I also now have a kitten with a cut paw at the vet - not sure what he was up to last night, out hunting something I think. Next week I'll put a more positive spin on things I hope! Have a lovely week,

  6. Hi Elisa,
    Far too much hospital activity for a year never mind a week - hopefully that's my quota though and the rest of the year will go smoothly! It was good to get it all down, perhaps when I'm feeling sorry for myself over silly things I can be reminded by this that things aren't too bad after all.

    A more positive post next week - I promise! Thanks for your lovely wishes.

  7. Wow. That's just craziness! Sorry the season has gone totally bonkers on you. Hope it all calms down now!

  8. Thanks Jade! It has been a bit crazy, I'm hopeful that I've had my share of crazy for a while - fingers crossed. I promise, a much more cheerful post next week!

  9. i'm sorry that there is so much going on right now, that's a lot! i hope things are looking up for you soon!


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