From my Diary: Yucky Days

24/11/09: Yucky Days

“I'm off work today, I got the sickness bug that my had towards the end of our trip and it's rubbish, just feeling not right in myself and really uneasy in the stomach. I was off yesterday as well but I'm getting a bit better today. I just wanted to stay off just in case - don't want to be actually sick at work!

My boy has gone on a work course this afternoon, he'll be away for a couple of days, it's odd to be on my own in the flat again. Although when I'm not well, I’ll just vegging around, so it probably best he's doesn’t have to put up with me feeling sorry for myself!

I felt quite a bit better this afternoon and put on some Miranda Lambert - I'm loving that album at the moment (Revolution) it's very passionate and I can sing loudly to it. I was having a total geek moment looking up the lyrics on my MacBook and singing along! I also sliced some oranges and dried them by lining them along the radiator, for a centrepiece I've got in mind using my big Ikea vase and some pine or fir cones I will have to find in the woods. I lit an orange and cinnamon candle too which was so yummy, the flat smells lovely now.”

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