From my Diary: Curling / Sister / Concentration

“It's Friday already, taking a few days off sick really confused me, I've not been sure what day it is all week! I've also been really sleepy and finding it hard to concentrate, think my body is still busy recovering. I've got the flu vaccination booked for Monday, hopefully that will make it less likely for me to get the flu over December and January. Last year I had the most awful cold (very much flu like symptoms) while I was at away with Guides for the weekend, I had a cold when I got there but it just deteriorated over the few days and I could barely sleep, I was really cold and shivery. I managed to get out of there finally, I felt awful but I couldn't leave before the kids and one of the other adults was going on about how I was making a huge fuss over nothing, it's things like this that really teach you a lesson - you've no idea how bad other people are feeling. Maybe I can keep this in mind next time someone is ill.

This evening is the my sister is visiting and we’re going to a curling try it night. There is a bit at the start to have a shot art Curling then there is a meal. It should be quite a good night, I don't think my sister is very keen but I think she will like it when she is there.

I'm looking forward to doing some craft stuff this weekend and getting the sewing machine out again, I’ve not used it since we moved into the small flat. I am planning to make my boy an advent calendar but I will need to buy some material. My kooky friend showed me some bias tape which can make it much neater, so I may try that. Maybe some hessian stockings on a string or something. I probably need to pick something which can be done quickly then maybe I can add further embellishments next year or something.”

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