A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There

A little bit here, a little bit there, well it’s better than neither here not there – right?

I’ve been sorting and clearing and cleaning but I’ve also been travelling to the USA and working and installing a dishwasher and well, sleeping. That’s my main excuse for being missing in action for a couple of weeks but I’ve got some proof that I’m still making progress…

1. My Under the Sink cupboard, I emptied the whole thing and cleared through, this was an urgent task because very soon the right hand cupboard will contain a dishwasher ( I can….not…wait). Don’t ask what’s going to happen to the stuff that’s in the right hand cupboard at the moment, that’s another stage! But I’m thinking maybe one of those adjustable under sink shelves for the left and moving the cat food to another location.


2. My crockery and glass cupboard – we have very little storage space, so this is where all our plates, bowls and glass go as well as the slow cooker, I love the little white extra shelf things from Ikea, they have really helped me sort this area

P6030290     P6030291

3. My corner cupboards – when was this ever a good design? These two cupboard take up a huge amount of storage space in our house and I can’t work out a way to use them efficiently.

We have two of them, they go along to the side about 4 times the width of the door, I’ve currently got baskets so I can lift stuff out easily but please let me know if you have any ideas for a better solution. Still this is an improvement in itself.

P6030293     P6030292

Can you help me with my corner cupboards?

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  1. LivinInDuckville24 June 2011 at 23:50

    I was going to suggest the basket thing.... I saw it on another blog (can't remember which one though)... I have one long 12' row of cupboards... no corners for me.... someday... when I get my dream kitchen makeover.... when I win the lottery... oh wait... ya have to play it first right?... lol Nice job on organizing.... My husband bought a dishwasher for me.... his name is 'Frank'.... he's my favorite child.... He always does the dishes & he never complains about it...

  2. I hate those corner cupboards! We had two in our old kitchen and I was forever losing stuff back there one was up and one was down, bother were a pain in the butt! It didn't help that they had hung the top cupboard too high and I had to climb on a stool to get to the stuff (I'm 5'8" - it's not usually a problem) and I was pregnant. We ended up storing less used kitchen appliances on the bottom - our slow cooker was one of those - and seasonal baking stuff in the top one - pizzelle maker, cookie cutters etc. Thankfully we only lived there for six months so I didn't have to come up with a permanent solution - it was spring/summer so I didn't need much access to the slow cooker!

  3. Congratulation on the dishwasher!

  4. Thanks, it's going to be great, if only we could finish the installation - boy is that creating a lot of mess!

  5. My corner cupboards are annoying but at least they're not high ones - that would really be a nightmare. I think the baskets is the best I can do for the moment, it's just frustrating because we don't have much storage in our kitchen and it seems like such a waste of space.

  6. The basket things is the best I can do for now I think, perhaps I just need to do more of a clear out than find a storage solution! I cannot wait until my dishwasher is installed, although I'm sure within a couple of weeks I'll be like 'it's your turn to unload it' !


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