From my Diary: Business, Bars and Oil


A little tired after a good weekend, we helped a friend to move offices, I'm impressed with what he's built up so far it takes a lot of confidence to take that leap and start your own business, I hope I'll have that one day I think I have the confidence but I lack the subject which I can sell at the moment.

We sat in the upper part of the bar, below we could see everyone moving and dancing, chatting and drinking. We're right beside the speaker and I feel the bass hitting against my skin, sinking into my bones and I feel part of it, everyone in the rooms sharing the same  waves bombarding their body. Smiles and laugher are catching, we're safe, we're lucky, we're happy.

We have lunch on Sunday with an old friend from Edinburgh, it's a little glimpse into the past from before we made the move to the evil empire that is the oil industry to the culture and working conditions we now take for granted. It's a reminder that we are lucky and that we live in an anomaly, a city fed by oil and gas a city built and maintained on oil and gas, a city it's difficult to leave once you're part of that world and lifestyle.

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