From my Diary: Lists, Kitchen and Food


We go with our list, we're so lucky we don't need to worry, find what we want throw it in the basket, couldn't tell you the cost of most items. But all around us it's different, people hear redundancy, offices close and the lights remain off. What is our back up, where is our plan. The onus is always on me, take stock, be sure, be prepared, be organised.

A tidy kitchen, it's a small step but it makes me want to cook more, to create something and to tidy up afterwards. I can't stand eating alone, I'll eat junk, thankfully I don't eat alone too often.

People talk about Eat, Love, Pray, the favourite part often being sitting and eating your the best foods on your own, I 'd rather share food with those I love. I enjoy eating along in a restaurant but not in a room with nobody else. I don't want to over analyse things we all have our likes and dislikes.

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