Recent Outfits #6



These outfits feature:

- Grey work trousers from M&S, a wardrobe staple for many years

- A warm long grey hoody, which my Mum bought me for Christmas

- Gap long sleeved grey top which is a favourite for an extra layer at this time of year


This week has involved normal days at work, as well as a day at home while the builders were in (hence the warm hoody and scarf on the 17th) and friend up for the weekend.

What have you been wearing recently?

{Linking up to The Pleated Poppy}


P.S. As of yesterday I reached 43101 words, or 86% of my NaNoWriMo novel - I feel like I’m going to make it!


  1. nice outfits. I especially like that looooong sweater vest!

  2. Thanks Melody, it is really long! And I never know what to call it, I tend to say sleeveless cardy but sweater vest works, sounds very American ;)

    Have a fab thanksgiving.

  3. I love the look with the pink scarf, cute!
    I am giving an art work away over on Chasing Davies, just in case you want to join the giveaway!


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