Writing a novel is easy… so far

This month I’m taking part in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo, we’re just over half way through the month and, so far, I’m well on track.

Getting the thoughts and crazy stories from my head, through the keyboard into my word editor has been bizarrely easier than I thought. I’ve never tried to write anything of this size before so it’s been an interesting experience. However I have spent a huge amount of time day dreaming since I was a child.

Obviously with the aim is to get 50,000 unedited words down in a month, I'm not going to create something ready to be read by others. It’s like a ‘draft zero’ but the idea is to prove to myself that I have a story which can cover that many pages.

These are my stats up to the 15th, before I wrote anything today, I took the weekend off when we had guests and it seems to have spurred me on.


As a 30 days challenge this had been great fun so far and is fuelled by a disgraceful volume of tea and coffee, evenings in bed with my laptop, lunch breaks furiously typing with crumbs and orange juice on my keyboard, chapter titles scribbled on post its and lots of starting out the window day dreaming.

Are you taking part? How are you doing?

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