Recent Outfits #5



These outfits feature:

- A new long cream knitted sleevless cardi which was 70% off in VeraModa

- New black leather boots, from Asda

- A favourite pink patterned top that I hope never fades


This week has involved normal days at work, the continuation of Friday skirt day and a visit from my family over the weekend.

What have you been wearing recently?

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  1. Cute ensembs! Love the boots : )

  2. Thanks Darlene, it is very much boots weather here this week cold and rainy - a great excuse for boots and scarves!

  3. Those are some super cute outfits! My favorite 2,5, and 6. Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm glad you liked my series. I plan on hopefully doing a better one for Christmas and New Year outfit ideas. So I hope you come back and take a look =) Take care and I hope you have a great week!!

  4. Love these outfits! Really digging what you wore on 11/11 (my birthday too) - fab, flowy layers! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    Jenny at Spry On The Wall

  5. I love the outfit you wore on the 13th. It looks so great on you plus it looks so stylish!


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