Life is Full


Life these days is full; full of colour and light, full of laughter and a plea for help from a friend as a koala almost reveals more of me than expected.

It’s full of boat rides, sheltering from sea spray, of sunshine and holding hands.

It’s full of picnics and admiring the view.

It’s full of sunsets and sunrises, of endings and new beginnings.


What’s your life full of this week?

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  1. A koala hug! That is so fun! This week my life is full of tricycle rides, laundry and iced coffee. :)

  2. Oh my, that water looks so inviting! And the koala hug, oh my! :) I like how you phrased that...what my life is full of... I've been thinking too much lately about what life was missing. Thanks for the perspective! :)

  3. What a wonderful life you've had this week! Beautiful captures.


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