What are you investing in?

Driving to work recently I was thinking about past places I’ve lived, how attached to property and places I become and how much of myself I gave to a certain place, a town, a community.

In particular I thought about my career and the positions I’ve had, I realised that I could tell how much I enjoyed and believed in my work by how much of myself I had invested in it. When I thought back to some of my favourite work I could still see a part of me there, so much invested and worked on that my influence is still there – procedures put in place, reports archived, experiences and memories shared.

2007 Camp America New Jersey 2004 - Working in Italy 2004 - Field Work East of Scotland2006 - London Underground 2007 Rock Drilling in Perth 2008 - Abseiling West of Scotland2008 - Flying at 80m over Ireland 2009 - Brownie Makes Her Promise 2011 - Another trip to Oz

How much time, energy and effort I passed into building the company; my work that will always be part of that company and a part of myself invested there that I can’t take back, that I don’t need to take back.

It made me more aware of what to invest in, to consider whether each job deserves the amount invested, to be sure to invest in the work that really matters to me.

What are you investing in today?

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