Alarm Dreams

The alarm had been ringing for so long it had started to blend into the background. But rather than hit the snooze button again, she let it ring on, preferring to adjust to the noise than to venture an arm out into the cold air of her flat.

In the past year or so she had become more aware of the value of life; partly through experiences of her own and partly through reading about the experiences of others. You could say her outlook on life has matured and it infuriated her when those close to her didn’t realise how lucky they were.

This was on her mind this morning as she thought about the day ahead and all it’s possibilities. Although, it was likely to be just another ordinary day. She hoped she would be able to appreciate the beauty of this ordinary day and not get caught up in the monotony of the day to day tasks without being grateful for what she had.

She wondered what it would be like to be a ‘morning person’. Sure, she could muster up some positive feelings for the day ahead, but she had never felt that energy and enthusiasm that some people had in the morning, or at least gave the impression they did.

If you really, really loved what you did each day, would you actually bounce out of bed each day eager to get started? How do you know if you really do love what you’re doing , disliking or hating something is often easier to identify. We so quickly get used to our daily routine, it starts to become part of our identity. How do you know which options are best for you? The only way to be sure if to try every option- but where would you start?

She pulled the covers up right under her chin, sometimes over-thinking life just made life more complicated. Perhaps all she needed was one more snooze – perhaps living in a warmer climate would help her get out of bed!

She braved the cold air, stretching out her arm to hit that wonderful snooze button, just one more time. Bringing silence to the room, allowing her to drift off into a day dream about living somewhere warmer and the many alternative ordinary days she could be about to experience, because she realised that no matter what she did in time it would become routine and ordinary too. There was much to celebrate about the ordinary day and the first thing she was grateful for was the snooze button, but there was potential for so much more today.

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