From my Diary: Dream Job / Kids / Let Go

12/11/09: Dream Job / Kids / Let Go

“I'm so sleepy and uninspired today, there's not much to do at work. It's quite a damp cool day but at least it's not as cold as it's been. I went of a walk at lunchtime and wandered up to the shops.

Recently I've been thinking about the fabulousness of my friend’s shop and what it would be like to be so in control of your life and work that way. I was trying to think, do I really like my job, how do I know if it's the best thing I can do and am I happy with the situation that I'm working in? I quite enjoy what I'm doing, although, I wish I was better at it. I also wish I could work from home, for some reason recently I've suddenly developed the desire to have kids and be at home. Maybe it's an age thing, maybe it's because my friends are starting to get married and some of them have kids. Who knows, anyway I've mentioned it to my boy and he didn't really make much of a comment, I don't want to pressurise him into anything but I'd like to know what his long term plan is - I don't think he knows himself, he likes to be relaxed about stuff.

I read a post on a blog today, it was Nester's blog – one of my current favourites and she said the following at the end of the post: Is there something in your life that you can choose to stop beating yourself up over, knowing that some people would love to have to deal with your "problem"? How true that is! Well I'm sure there are a lot of things I need to let go of.”

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