From my Diary: Remembrance / Commitments

11/11/09: Remembrances / Knitting / Evening Commitments

“Today is Remembrance Day, I remember being a Brownie and Guide when I was younger and marching on Remembrance Day to the cenotaph to remember the people killed in the war. I didn't really understand this as a child and I don't really understand it today either - I just can't imagine what war is really like. I suppose that's a good thing in that I've never really encountered war. A friend has been training for years with the Royal Engineers and will go to Afghanistan next year -this is a really scary thought, I'm not sure how his partner will cope, I think the situation will be more real to me when someone I know goes to war. I hope they cancel it and he never gets to go, even though he wants to.

Knitting was so much fun last night, I love that I'm met so many cool people in the local area, it makes living here way more fun! I sat with my flatmate’s girlfriend again last night and she helped me cast off - I look so rubbish - all fingers and thumbs but I'm getting there and might try something harder next! My friend’s shop is too cool, there are lots of things in there I would love to buy - Christmas shopping to do soon!

I've got Brownies this evening which is quite good fun, but I'm getting concerned about taking on too much stuff and not spending time with my boy. We've only had Monday together this week, due to other evening commitments. At least we have next week together with no distractions! Lots of meals out together sitting and chatting and walking around town. I miss doing first aid training but I don't want to take anymore stuff on at the moment.”

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