Daydreaming in a Bloggers World

I would get up really early and make green juice every morning, feeling the health benefits from minutes afterwards, wash up my blender and leave my sink all clean and shiny. I’d eat loads of fabulous raw food that I would buy at the local farmers market, fresh, healthy and homemade for my family. I’d spend 30mintures to an hour doing yoga then sit and write in my journal.

I’d shower go through a relaxing facial skincare routine, apply makeup and create a fabulous hair do. Then I’d select my outfit for the day, an outfit with personality something colourful and fun but still smart. The clothes I selected from would be great quality, well designed pieces which would make up my minimalist wardrobe.

Ideally I’d cycle to work or walk there or even better work from home. Reading blogs sometimes makes me wish to be a stay at home Mum with 5 or 7 kids, raising my gang of kids the way I thought was right, prioritising my morals and values and teaching them how to be their own thinkers.

I’d have a tidy house with fabulous decorating projects which I’d done myself, I’d take hundreds of photos so my adoring fans could tell me how great a job I’d done and try them out too.

Of course I would have plenty of time to make fabulous treats for my family and friends. I’d be sure to prepare early for dinner so I could have something tasty and healthy for when my other half comes home from work.

I’d be hospitable and have guests round regularly, I’d manage not to worry about everything being perfect and tidy, just relaxing and enjoying their company.

I would have plenty of time to write and blog, producing fabulously written posts with heart and truth. I would be happy and cheery all the time and work on my happiness.


Unfortunately I live in the real world, as do all these bloggers. It’s easy to see the best bits of everyone’s lives and try to apply them all to your life, if only we had enough time to do that! I just have to prioritise the aspects that are important to me and realise that I can’t do all of it all the time. Still there’s always time to daydream.

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