Soothe and Shock

Office day morning, get up, get ready, get out the house, rush, rush, rush, drive through the city, into the office. Computer on, then the kettle and wait, wait for the water to boil. Listening to the hissing and bubbling as we stand and chat, finally a chance to pause and think about the day ahead. That first mouthful of coffee – bliss as the warm coffee both soothes and awakens.

Coffee Soothes and Shocks

This past week I’ve had consumed plenty of coffee, the soothing and shocking I seem to need to feel, to get my day off to a jolt has made me wonder. Do I really want to be doing this every day for the rest of my life? The same thing, always the same thing, interrupted only by coffee.

This week has been different though, I’ve had a lot of coffees in places I love much more than the office; in bed, in our favourite cafes, in another city and in my garden in the sun. I also had some great company too and room to speak and also just to think. The people in whose company you are free to speak your mind and to sit and think are the people who will pull you through.

Somewhere amongst all of the questions I’ve been asking recently is a foggy answer, it’s not entirely clear yet but it seems there’s something out there just beyond my vision. I don’t know how long until it clears enough for me but I feel like it’s going to happen. I’m just waiting to reach my hand out and grasp whatever it is.

If you were here I would question you about your day and your routine and whether you were happy with it. I would probably talk and talk to you trying to unload some of the thoughts and questions and hope that you could make some sense out of them.

Truthfully though a true friend isn’t going to tell me what I should do, they’d know I already know the answer, tell me just to grasp it, but sadly the time isn’t right yet.

So I’ll travel to the office today and then I’ll pause and wait for the kettle to boil, daydreaming about what could be and what may be.

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  1. Mmm...that coffee looks SO delicious!! Hope the time comes to "grasp it" soon, friend.

  2. daydreaming and coffee sounds like a good start..


  3. The right answers usually come whenever they're supposed to. Thanks for coffee!

  4. Yes, there are many days where I feel I'm trapped in my own version of "Groundhog Day" and just when I think I've had enough something comes along and smacks me out of my routine. And then I remember the saying "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."

    Thanks for coffee and may a little something shake up your routine.


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