What do you miss?

mum asked what i miss?
i miss walking in and out of buildings
the feeling of air pressure change when you enter or exit a building
i miss getting in and out of cars


It’s amazing the things that we miss, to hear another person’s perspective or to experience a temporary change ourselves which makes us sit up and notice. Hopefully we’ll realise the things we’re missing before it’s too late. I realised that the pressure does change as we move in and out of buildings, I’ve noticed more the temperature changes, the view changes, the little things that are so normal and expected that they blend into the background of missed detail every day.

Sometimes we need a reminder to sit still for a minute and take notice, what are we going to miss?

These are the things I grateful not to miss today: The sun shining through the window making the room stuffy and warm but in a comfortable way. The brisk wind outside, blowing in from the North Sea, blowing the cobwebs away. The affectionate kittens pleased to see us walk in the door, rubbing their soft, fluffy bodies against our legs, pleased that we will bring them food. The soft kiss hello at the end of a computer stare out day and the warmth of cuddles as we fall asleep.

The missed details make us unique, our own way of aging and reacting to the elements and challenges the world throws at us, the products we choose to apply to our body, the scars on our skin and in our mind, each wrinkle and freckle and fear.

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