Along Stonehaven Harbour

Recently we took a wander along Stonehaven harbour.

There was water everywhere, in the skies, in the air and of course in the sea.

Stonehaven Harbour

Treating us to an assortment of shades of grey – a colour which is generally underrated but a bit part of our life in the north east of Scotland.

Stonehaven Sea

Although thanks to all the water there’s also plenty of green too.

Stonehaven Harbour

It’s a sleepy peaceful town at the weekend.

The harbour’s quiet apart from the occasional holiday maker or local taking an afternoon stroll.

Stonehaven Harbour Boat Ropes

All the boats are safely stowed away, strung up by an assortment of ropes.

Stonehaven Harbour

Most importantly there’s a couple of great pubs with tasty food, which is why we came here in the first place!

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  1. These are great pics - what a lovely surprise to come across another "Scottish" blog!


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