Waste Not, Want Not

I hate food waste.

I find it so upsetting to throw away food that’s been forgotten about or left a little too long at the back of the fridge. I always think about how it was produced, veggies I compost and I think about the waste of money but at least the nutrient go back into my garden. But throwing out animal products just seems so disrespectful, it makes me feel irresponsible.

We’re not too bad at this thankfully but occasionally life gets a little too busy and then there’s chaos. I also needed an excuse to use my label maker to be honest! So a fridge clean out was in order this week.

Fridge Before PhotoFridge After Photo

Basically I went through all the food and there wasn’t much to throw out, mostly just reorganise. I added another basket to the top row and labelled them, dairy in the left basket and coffee in the right (that’s right, the basket bursting with packets is all full of coffee – I may be verging on the edge of addition).

I also labelled the drawers at the bottom, veg this week and veg last week, we get a weekly veggie delivery and this way I can use up anything remaining from last week first. The veg are picked from an organic farm really close to our house, the day before they are delivered so they stay fresh for a long time.

There are some smaller labels on the other shelves spreads, leftovers and meat,hopefully now there’s a system in place, even when life gets a bit chaotic, we’ll be able to keep in control of it.

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  1. Sarah Milcetic2 July 2011 at 20:30

    I love the this week/last week idea. I've been trying really hard to use everything before the next pickup but there are usually one or two things left. If you only occasionally toss something, you're ahead of the curve. I recently heard (on NPR?) that Americans throw out 40% of the food we buy!!

  2. Wow 40% that's scary, although the portions sizes in America can be huge - I had so many take out boxes at the end of my meals when I was in Texas, there was no way I could finish most of the meals there.


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