From my Diary: Back to Work / Foraging

25/11/09: Back to Work / The Boy is Back / Foraging in the Wood

“I'm back at work today and still a little tired, still recovering from being ill or just got used to lounging around the house all day in my PJs?! Anyway I've got a ton of work to do this week which is not so good when I just want to take it easy, better get some motivation tomorrow!

My boy is back from his work trip this evening - yay! I will pick him up at the airport after later, hopefully I can leave a bit early to get there, I'm not entirely sure how long it takes to get to the airport or which way to go - I better remember to check.

I went for a walk at lunchtime today and picked up some winter leaves and some pinecone to make an autumn centrepiece. I've got sliced or halved oranges drying for it too, I'm sure it will make a nice centre piece with a candle for the coffee table.”

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