When in Texas

When I visit Texas, I turn into an alternative version of myself, an semi-American version. I don’t know what causes it, perhaps the weather or the time difference or maybe just the vastness of everything that is America. However a little bit of my Britishness remains intact.

I drink plenty of Margaritas, but I can’t stay up past 11pm

I eat giant portions of meat, then I get up at 6am to go to the gym

I say ‘you guys’ and ‘y’all’, but still spell flavour and favour correctly

I drink cheesecake milkshake, but can’t force myself to eat American chocolate

I love to eat warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but I complain about the weak coffee

I’ll take a baked sweet potato any day but hold the cinnamon butter

I marvel at your huge closets, but argue all night with you about guns in your home

I’ll eat anything Reese’s but don’t dare offer me a cup of microwaves tea to go with it

There’s so much I love about Texas, mostly it’s the things that are different to the UK, it’s what makes America America, but it’s always nice to come home, especially for a real cup of tea!


  1. What part of Texas? I moved to Fort Worth from Georgia a little over a year ago.

    I LOOOOVE margaritas. Margarita mix in the fridge - I know what we're doing tonight!

  2. I was in Houston, I hear there are nicer parts of Texas but I love it there.

    Margarita mix in the fridge - I need to get some of that! Although it may be too tempting...


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