From my Diary: Christmas Tree / Sister / Curling / Friday Dinners

02/12/09: Christmas Tree / Sister / Curling / Friday Dinners

“So it's almost Christmas and I am super super excited about it! My sister was up at the weekend and I bought an artificial tree. I've seen so many on US blogs this year and decided it's better than having no tree, there's no point getting at tree when we are both going home for Christmas. There's lots of decorations on it and it's looking really good now. I've been drying orange slices to put up on it too which should look and smell good and maybe some cinnamon sticks if I can get them.

We had a fairly relaxed weekend, Friday we went to the curling try it night which was really good. I didn't do too badly and managed to do a few decent slides and play some ok shots. The meal after was really good too.

We went shopping on Saturday, my boy was out at a stag do for someone at his work. My sister and I went round a lot of shops, we went to a cafe first for some pancakes and maple syrup - yummy. We were going just to get material but we didn't get any in the end and did some Christmas shopping instead.

Last night I went to the knitting club, there were only a few of us there so there was a good chance to gossip. I also invited my kooky friend and her boyfriend for dinner on Friday and will probably cook lasagne on Thursday evening after my haircut. I hope they don't min being squished in to a teeny tiny flat! I want to be more hospitable to I’m trying to be less concerned about the surrounding and focus on spending time with friends.”

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